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by: Cary Moretti, New Dad

Friday, August 3, 2001
08:26 I was on my way to work and I just turned the car around and drove back home. Christianne called me to say the contractions were 3 minutes apart.
08:40 Just registered the domain name for Raphael. If Raphael turns out to be a girl, we'll have to register another name and then move the site. :-)
08:43 Christianne is in the other room getting some CDs so that she can listen to music while she is screaming in agony. I suggested something "Heavey Metallish". I'm still setting up this site trying to decide how long we can hang out here before we REALLY have to go to the hospital.
09:02 OK. We're out of here.
10:20 Doctor said that we might as well go home. Christianne is only 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced not close at all yet. They suggested that we go home and then come back when the contractions are far more painful.
16:49 Been hanging out around the house all day waiting for the contractions to become more painful. Sounds dumb but it's actually causing us quite a bit of anxiety. We're just sitting around doing nothing. This whole baby thing is a lot more boring than I was expecting.
19:05 The contractions are now painful but VERY far apart - something like 12-15 minutes. Our air conditioner is broken (great timing) so we're off to see Rush Hour 2 at the theatre down the street. They have a working air conditioner.
21:50 The movie was really funny. The acting was pathetic and most of the jokes were dumb but the fight scenes were well choreographed. Christianne spent the entire movie timing her contractions. Right now, they're about 5 minutes apart. We're thinking of heading to the hospital.
22:05 We're on our way! I'm hungry so we're stopping at Pizza Pizza for some food. Christianne is too nauseous to eat so I'll have to do all the eating.
22:10 Bad news - I only took about 5 minutes but Christianne's contractions are now only 2 minutes apart. Might have been better to get the food later. Whatever.
22:20 Nurse just finished checking Christianne out - she's ready to go. Christianne isn't feeling too good (I assume this is the case because she is groaning and has just thrown up into the waste basket). She is making it hard for me to enjoy my pizza sub.
23:45 We're in the "birthing suite" and Christianne is hanging out in the Jacuzzi tub. I've got Eric Clapton playing on the CD player but we're thinking that Annie Lennox (Diva) might the CD of choice for the actual birth. The contractions are pretty nasty - Christianne is whining a lot. I'm pretty sure they've arranged for an epidural.
Saturday, August 4, 2001
00:10 The anesthesiologist has arrived - I don't recall seeing Christianne this happy in quite some time.
00:50 Christianne has been "pushing" for about half an hour - maybe a bit less. The nurses are very excited about the head showing. Frankly I don't have a clue what they're talking about because I have been keeping my eyes either completely closed or focused on the back of Christianne's head for the whole time.
01:00 Dr. Shilletto is here to deliver the baby now. Things are quite disgusting so I think I'm going to skip over the "slurping" and "sucking" noises and get to the good stuff ...
01:15 IT'S A BOY! He's perfect.
Raphael Eugenio Moretti - 3.3 kg (7 lbs 4 oz).
01:16 He's totally covered with blood and slime. Yuck. The nurses have agreed to wipe him off before I pick him up. This makes me very happy - he's really not very presentable right now.
01:20 Christianne cut the umbilical cord (very gross) and they have to give Raphael a shot so my eyes are closed again.
01:25 I'm holding my baby. That wasn't so tough. ;-)
Sunday, August 19, 2001
18:30 Well, it's been two weeks of sleeping, eating, and pooping. We decided to take Raphael out to a restaurant for the first time. He was unimpressed - slept through the whole dinner.
Monday, August 20, 2001
14:00 First Movie: American Pie II
I didn't like it. Raphael liked it a lot better while he was being fed.
Note to self part 1: folding chairs are an inappropriate place to change a baby's diapers.
Note to self part 2: theatre floors are sticky, bring a spatula to next movie.
Tuesday, August 21, 2001
17:35 This is bad. Whatever it is that causes baby diapers to smell ... Raphael just got it. Dear God ... I wonder if we can still return him?
Raphael just pissed on his own face - I know I shouldn't be laughing but this is really quite funny.